The Brazilian Semi-Permanent Blow Dry

The Brazilian Blow Dry (BBD) is a semi-permanent hair treatment that claims to put an end to bad hair days, guaranteeing glossy, frizz-free locks for up to four months. It was developed in Brazil five years ago, and its popularity has spread to the West via celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Gisele Bundchen. It’s now available – for a price – at various top hair salons, and known as the “permanent blow dry.” Interestingly, Hair Salons in South Yarra offer a wide range of services.

Styling Solutions For Frizzy, Curly Hair
After shampooing, the solution is applied and left for up to half-an-hour, depending on hair type. There is no patented formula, which means salons can use different ingredients and the quality may vary. The main ingredient is keratin, a protein found in the hair, skin and nails, and this is combined with cocoa, plant vitamins and red clay. The hair is dried and the product “sealed in” using hair straighteners. It will coat and condition the hair, making it shiny and glossy for an extended period of time.

Hair then needs to be left loose and unwashed for two days, to avoid kinking. After the first wash hair will be manageable, glossy and require minimal styling in the morning – get up and go. Hair won’t be poker-straight, as with some straightening treatments but it will be frizz-free and the overall condition, much glossier.
Chemical-Free Brazilian Blow Dry
The original BBD contained low levels of formaldehyde – a chemical that has been linked to cancer, which was a concern for salon staff as well as customers. Modern formulations are now formaldehyde-free so it’s worth double-checking with the salon. The treatment takes around two hours, and will cost £150 upwards. Cheaper deals can be found on health and beauty website Wahanda.
Brazilian Blow Dry Salons
Many salons do their own version under a different name so ask first, and check what the ingredients are. Popular UK-based salons offering the BBD include:
  • Hari’s Hair & Beauty, London
  • Richard Ward Salons, London
  • Rush London salons
  • Jez Barnett at The Cutting Corner, Luton
  • Trevor Sorbie salons nationwide
  • Daniel Hersheson, London
  • Toni & Guy salons nationwide
Wedding Hair Styles

The BBD isn’t a budget beauty treatment but it’s a worthwhile investment for summer months, for special occasions, bridal hair or if you are travelling to a hot climate where hair tends to frizz. It’s a natural treatment that is kind to hair, and a great time saver, as you’ll need minimal product in the morning. It’s advisable to invest in a decent shampoo and conditioner, which doesn’t interfere with the keratin, and staff will advise on this. Some salons, such as Toni & Guy, include free products for aftercare.

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