What Is Special About Bronx Boots?

Bronx Boot

The term "Bronx Boot" is typically used to describe a footwear style from the 1960s. These boots are often made from suede and lace-up at the front for a fitted look, with either two or four eyelets. Some versions of this boot have a heel, while others do not.

If you're interested in learning more about this type of footwear, read on! In this post, we'll explore how these boots became so popular in the sixties, as well as their influence on other styles that evolved from them.

What are the features of Bronx boots?

Made from pure leather: In the Bronx and other places where these boots were popular, tan suede was the most common type of leather used. Suede is softer than other varieties of leather and allows ankle rolls to be more pronounced.

Fasten through eyelets: The eyelets are typically made of steel, so they're hard to break or fray. They also look great when matched with buckles.

Tie around ankle: Since suede is a very flexible material, the laces create a wide-angle-shaped leg, which ties around the ankle from top to bottom. This makes the boot more comfortable because it's less likely to pull against any hair that may be tucked under socks or in boots.

Thin sole: Bronx Boots have a thin sole that gives them a special, light feeling. They have a soft touch and are easy to move around in.

Does Bronx Boots Have A History?

Bronx boots were originally designed to be worn in the Bronx, which is an area in New York City. In the 1950s, street gangs in this part of New York were noted for wearing tough and intimidating shoes that spoke volumes about their personalities.

These shoes were made with simple designs and rugged materials that allowed them to be used for a variety of rough activities, including fighting. Over time, it became fashionable for people from across the city to wear these boots as a way to identify with the hard-working residents of this borough.

Where did the term Bronx Boot come from?

Back in the early days of these boots, they were worn by people in several different parts of the country, but their popularity was at its highest when they were worn in the Bronx. It was the word "Bronx" that gave rise to their name. 


However, not all Bronx boots are made for everyone or every occasion. Some people find them to be uncomfortable and think the leather touches too much of the skin's surface. This tends to happen because different ankle rolls require different levels of softness from their footwear. 

Some like their ankles to roll freely, so they wear suede shoes with ankle socks. Others prefer shoes with less flexibility in the material so that they can maintain control over how tightly they wrap their ankles.

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